Episode 100 – The Return of Optimus Prime

To celebrate our 100th episode, we’re exploring one of the greatest stories ever told in Transformers lore: The Return of Optimus Prime. The finale for season 3 of the G1 cartoon, The Return of Optimus Prime resets the events of Transformers: the Movie in an exciting and epic way. Penned by a comics legend, this is one of the pillars of Transformers history. Join Ant and a few special guests as they review the entire story and its indelible impact on popular culture.


Gabriel Owens, the Salty Seaman: https://www.youtube.com/recharge138

Mike Seibert from Mike Seibert Radio: https://soundcloud.com/mikeseibertradio

And the cast of Radio Free Cybertron: http://www.tfradio.net

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