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Episode 005 – The Transformers G1 Cartoon episodes 1-5 – Presented by TFU.INFO

Episode 005 – In this one we delve into the most famous part of Transformers lore, the original cartoon series from Sunbow & Marvel Productions. We tackle the first 5 episodes of the series: the original 3-part mini-series, “More Than Meets the Eye,” as well as the follow up episodes, “Transport to Oblivion,” and “Roll for It.” We’ll hear clips from the episodes, break down the theme music, and explore the careers of the episode writers. Transformers lead designer John Warden chimes in with his recollections on a these episodes and Megatron himself, Frank Welker, talks about the influence these episodes have on his performances in recent years. Lastly, we’ll check in with the gang from Cybertronological to talk about some of the fun insanity in each episode. All that and more, brought to you by the world’s greatest transforming toy archive, TFU.INFO!