Episode 137 – Marvel UK #146-151 The Legacy of Unicron

This is as close as you’ll get to a sequel to Transformers: the Movie! We take a look at Unicron’s plans to return to fight Rodimus Prime, the origins of the Transformers, the first appearance of Primus, and another G1 Autobot bites the dust in arguably one of the most important Marvel UK storylines in the history of Transformers!

TFU News and Views – Episode 62 – It’s A Great Time to Be a Transformers Fan 2024

Happy 2024! Ant talks about all the things Transformers has to offer as it enters its 40th year, plus some thoughts on the current state of Hasbro’s business and what needs to be done to improve in the future.

Episode 135 – 1988 Toy Line: Autobots

Powermasters and Pretenders join the toy line and some old favorites return in different forms. We’ll delve into the Transformers toy line from 1988 as we take a look at the Autobot side of the equation, exploring the toys and the commercials. Shocking revelations lay ahead… this episode has the power to surprise!

Episode 134 – Cromy Sticker Album 1988 (Argentina)

This time around we head down to Argentina to check out a very unique sticker book.

You can enjoy along in these YouTube links. I also found a video highlighting the Cromy card set I mentioned in the show as well. Enjoy!

Cromy Sticker video 1: https://youtu.be/qK6ZcOCytqs?si=Ug5wHu0xWV-Bn6uc

Cromy Sticker video 2: https://youtu.be/8iAfeRiztOk?si=axLl85K1HgW2wma3

Cromy Card Set: https://youtu.be/AkEbqqVtyIM?si=3d6CcKj5xkSH-OJF

Download the CBR: https://mega.nz/folder/gwEX3SpQ#gG5wyL92hCN1qFgYP8O9_Q/file/lgE3ma5C

Episode 133 – Headmasters Ep. 26 – “I Risk My Life for Earth”

It is one of the most infamous episodes of Transformers Headmasters. So infamous, we gave it an episode all to itself! Join us and find out why Life Can Be Sacrificed for Peace on Earth!