Monthly Archives: July 2023

Episode 130 – 1988

Step into a time capsule and travel back to 1988 – the year Transformers new concepts and the world was alive with history, sports, music, and movies. Join host Ant as he uncovers hidden gems and nostalgic treasures from this iconic era. Relive the magic, get inspired, and dive into the ’80s like never before. Tune in now for an unforgettable journey through time!

Episode 129 – The Legacy of 1987

It was a long journey, but we wrap up our coverage of 1987 reviewing the important concepts and elements born in that year before we turn the page towards the future. Join us as we talk Headmasters, Powermasters, The Return of Optimus Prime, and more!

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Episode 126 – Headmasters Cartoon Episodes 19-21

We travel through SPACE to find new planets with the Headmasters in this latest episode of the podcast. Join Anthony as he takes a dive into Planet Hive, explores the Twin Planets with the Autobots, and finally searches for Scorponok’s weakness!