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Transformers University – Episode 013 – 1985

In this episode we take a look at the world in 1985 and important events in culture in the wake of the Transformers initial success.

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Transformers University – Episode 012 – The Legacy of 1984

We wrap up 1984 talking about its legacy through to today and the characters in both the cartoon and the comics in need to some love in toy form.

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TFU News and Views – Episode 0009 – Off-Topic Sunday – Comics

In today’s News & Views we go off-topic to talk about some non-Transformers comics. What are you reading these days? Let us know on Twitter @TFU_INFO.

Some books mentioned in this episode:

IDW Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles



The Walking Dead


Valiant Comics

Grass Kings

Transformers University – Episode 011 – The Transformers G1 Cartoon Eps. 11-16

In this episode, we look at the final 6 episodes of season 1 of the G1 cartoon. We break down all 3 parts of “The Ultimate Doom,” along with its epilogue, “Countdown to Extinction.” We survive a “Plague of Insecticons,” before getting ready for a “Heavy Metal War.”

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