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Episode 147 – Super-God Masterforce: The Hit Song Collection

In Episode 147 of Transformers University, we dive into the soundscape of Super-God Masterforce: The Hit Song Collection. This image album, designed to accompany the TV series we began covering in Episode 146, offers a rich auditory experience that enhances the themes and emotions of the show. From high-energy anthems to evocative character songs, immerse yourself in the musical essence of this iconic series. Don’t miss out on this unique exploration, and be sure to check out the album here:

Episode 146 – Masterforce Eps. 1-3

In Episode 146 of Transformers University, we’re diving headfirst into the action-packed world of the first three episodes of Super-God Masterforce. Join us as we unravel the a unique storyline, meet new characters, and uncover the secrets behind this offbeat addition to the Transformers universe.

Episode 145 – 1988 Toy Line: Japan

Discover the distinctive world of Transformers Masterforce toys! In this episode of Transformers University, we delve into the fascinating 1988 Japanese toyline that offered a fresh perspective on the Transformers universe. From the inventive Pretenders to the mighty Godmasters, we explore the diverse array of figures that showcase Masterforce’s unique approach to the franchise. Join us as we uncover exclusive color variants and special molds that make these toys stand out from their Western counterparts. Plus, keep an eye out for an intriguing twist: a figure that defies expectations and offers a whole new perspective on the beloved character with some high-powered upgrades. Whether you’re a seasoned collector hunting for rarities or simply intrigued by the evolution of Transformers toys, this episode promises an immersive journey into the realm of Masterforce.