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TFU News and Views – Episode 0007 – Hasbro Team Interview Toy Fair 2018

Hasbro’s Toy Fair event was today and if you were following along on Twitter you know we had tons of coverage in New York City. At the end of the event, Ben Montano and John Warden gave an interview, presented here for you to draw your own conclusions about the future of the many Transformers toy lines.

TFU News & Views – Episode 0003 – Lost Light #14 Review

The Scavengers are chasing the Magic 8-Ball of Garrus-9 through outer space; here are my thoughts on issue 14 of Transformers Lost Light.

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TFU News & Views – Episode 0002 – A Good Time to Be A Transformers Fan…

We count down to Toy Fair and take a reflective look on why it is always a good time to be a Transformers fan.

TFU News & Views 0001 – Toy Fair 2018 is Coming…February 7, 2018

TFU.INFO takes a look at what to expect from the Hasbro Fan Media Event at New York Toy Fair in 10 days!

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Episode 010 – By the Numbers & Online Fandom

In this episode we do a little math by breaking down the tech spec values for the 1984 Transformers toy line, as well as counting the molds used and reused. Also, we explore the early days of the Transformers online fandom, reading the first Usenet posts about the Marvel Comic. We even hunted down a special guest to help us out! (And you’ll never guess who it is!)

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