Transformers University – Episode 18 – The Transformers Cartoon S2 Eps 6-10.

In this week’s episode we watch as the world of the Transformers grows beyond Autobots and Decepticons. We meet a girl named Carly in, “The Immobilizer.” We duke it out in a ghost town in “The Autobot Run.” Nergill and the Sub-Atlanticans assault Washington D.C. in “Atlantis, Arise.” We meet a super computer named T.O.R.Q. III on, “Day of the Machines.” And the Decepticons try to steal a female, ninja robot in “Enter the Nightbird.”
With special guests:
Soundjack426 of Nerdy Geek Talk:
Jason Kirk of The Everlasting Minute:
Gabe Owens of the Salty Seaman:
Brian Kilby of Radio Free Cybertron:
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