Episode 003 – 1984 Toyline – Presented by TFU.INFO

Transformers University – Episode 003 – We break down the original 1984 toyline; from the pre-Transformers days of Micro Change and Diaclone through the US toy releases of the Minibots, Autobot Cars, Casettes, Decepticon Jets, Soundwave, Megatron and Optimus Prime.

With special contributions by:

Brian Kilby and Don Fergeson of Radio Free Cybertron: http://www.tfradio.net

David Schulz of Gamer Going Grey: http://www.youtube.com/bluestreak7

and Gabe Owens of The Salty Seaman: http://www.youtube.com/recharge138

Additional links:

Marlboro Wheeljack: http://tfu.info/issue03/Marborojack/index.htm