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TFU News and Views – Episode 0019 – Interview with Brian Volk-Weiss, The Toys That Made Us

Hot off the heels of the popular Netflix documentary series, The Toys That Made Us, I chatted with the show’s creator to get an inside scoop on Season 2, particularly the Transformers episode, and the future of the show. Want to know how long the first cut of the TF episode was? Want to know what Brian has planned for the future of the series? Hey, wasn’t Michael Bay interviewed for this show? Find out answers to all those and more!

Transformers University – Episode 22 – Marvel UK Issues 29-32

In this episode, we take a look at the first set of stories designed to take place in-between issues of the Marvel US run:

– Decepticon Dam-Busters!
– The Wrath of Guardian
– The Wrath of Grimlock

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Episode 21 – Meet the Cast of G1 Season 2, part 1

In this episode we meet the new players in the second season of The Transformers original series. With over 20 new characters joining the show, a number of men and women were tapped to perform alongside the greats outlined in our first two Meet the Cast episodes.

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Episode 20 – 1985 Decepticon toys

Hot off the heels of The Toys That Made Us, we’re talking 1985 Decepticons on Transformers University.

This episode’s guest stars:

Eric Crownover of Steel City Bots:
Gabriel Owens of The Salty Seaman:
Youtube’s Rodimus Primal:
David Schulz of Gamer Going Grey:

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TFU News & Views – Episode 0016 – The Toys That Made Us, An Insider’s View

Ant gives an inside look on his role as Consulting Producer in Netflix’s, “The Toys That Made Us,” and their episode on The Transformers.

Transformers University – Episode 019 – 1985 Coloring Books

In this week’s episode we cover the first batch of additional media from 1985; namely, coloring books. You can follow along at the links below:

Summertime Coloring Book:
Forest Rescue Mission:
The Autobot Smasher:
A Message from Outer Space – Link Unavailable

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Transformers University – Episode 18 – The Transformers Cartoon S2 Eps 6-10.

In this week’s episode we watch as the world of the Transformers grows beyond Autobots and Decepticons. We meet a girl named Carly in, “The Immobilizer.” We duke it out in a ghost town in “The Autobot Run.” Nergill and the Sub-Atlanticans assault Washington D.C. in “Atlantis, Arise.” We meet a super computer named T.O.R.Q. III on, “Day of the Machines.” And the Decepticons try to steal a female, ninja robot in “Enter the Nightbird.”
With special guests:
Soundjack426 of Nerdy Geek Talk:
Jason Kirk of The Everlasting Minute:
Gabe Owens of the Salty Seaman:
Brian Kilby of Radio Free Cybertron:
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